Welcome to EPC Edinburgh.info

We're not your average folks! Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh, we're on a mission to bring you some electrifying Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) services, all for the fantastic price of £39.99.

As the EPC pioneers of Edinburgh, we take pride in making your EPC journey smoother than a single malt Scotch. Our service includes a thorough property survey and a bespoke EPC certificate, all wrapped up in that same irresistible price tag.

EPC's - Where Magic Happens

Getting an EPC with us is as easy as finding a bagpiper in the Royal Mile. Just ping us via our contact page, and our dedicated team will be more excited than a Scotsman at a ceilidh to assist you. We'll swing by your property in no time.

During the survey, our eagle-eyed assessors will inspect your property faster than you can say "Haggis." In about 30 minutes, we'll have the lowdown on your energy performance while keeping our kilts in place for efficiency and accuracy.

After the survey, we're still faster than a Highland cow at a cattle race. Your shiny EPC certificate will arrive in just 3 working days. It's packed with valuable insights into your property's energy performance, and we'll even throw in some tips to make it as efficient as a Scottish terrier hunting haggis.

We're all about being crystal clear, like the waters of Loch Ness. Our fixed price of £39.99 covers everything, with no hidden fees. You can trust us to deliver an EPC that's as reliable as the Edinburgh Castle standing through the ages.

To check our credentials, security checks, and explore the legendary lore of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's), visit our informative pages:

If you're curious about our roots and what makes us tick, mosey on over to our About Us page. Don't be shy to drop a line at our contact us page or dial us up at +44 751 813 5361 to schedule your EPC adventure!